Jiangsu Haotelong Mix Equipment Co., Ltd., the former Haotelong Machinery Factory, is a pioneer embarking itself on the design and production of mix equipment as well as the research and development of new type agitators in China. Our company boasts several experts in engineering and technology who have engaged in the design, research, development and production of mix equipment for a long time and accumulated abundant design experience through long-term practice. Meanwhile, we make good use of computer aided design, including nearly ten sets of software such as the mixing power calculation software, developed by our company independently, and the software for calculating the strength of agitating shaft. In addition, we conduct technology cooperation and communication with a lot of domestic high academies. Thus, our company is capable of providing you with the most reliable and economical mix equipment and resolving the trickiest agitating problems for you. In the meantime, we possesses strong process capability and improved inspection methods so as to provide the most excellent products for you. Our company have nearly five hundred kinds of agitating products, of which the agitating power ranges from 0.12kw to 800kw and the rotary speed ranges from 0.08rpm to 3000rpm.
So far, the products of our company include speed reducer, rack, coupling, mechanical seal, various agitators ect., and have covered the industries of petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, environmental protection, food, textile printing and dyeing, paint and coating etc. Meanwhile, taking the characteristics of different industries into consideration, we make several special agitating designs and acquire outstanding achievements in a great deal of companies. Some of our advanced products can even completely substitute foreign counterparts.
Depending on the technology of agitating design, Haotelong company offer users free services such as model selection of agitating design, and complete and detailed schematic design drawings. At the same time, we provide users with good pre-sale consultancy service and guidance service after sales.
Haotelong company is striving for the concepts of leading technology, advanced product and thoughtful service!